Our recent projects

References(To mention but a few)

We have over (100) happy clients country wide. Bellow is a table which shows some of our recent projects and clients for your references

 Project Engineers and Achitects
– Rehabilitation of Ambassador House 5th -18th Floors – Ministry of Education Sports And culture -Ministry of Local government and Public works project engineer and NH
 -Construction of waiting mothers dormitory at Mutambara and St. Lukes Hospitals  -United Nations Population Fund Zimbabwe(UNFPA) -Ministry of local government project engineer and UNFPA project engineer
 -Refurbishment of 6,7,8 and & 9  Floors, Club chambers – OPC -Ministry of local Government P and NH
 -Renovation of Waiting Mothers Homes at Mutoko, Nohe and Rugoyi hospital  -United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) -Mr Nohwe((UNFPA(United Nations Population Fund)) project engineer
 -Construction of driveways to Gunhill houses vilaa 38,44 and 45  -Ministry of local Government P and NH  -Ministry of local Government P and NH
 -Refurbishment of structural steel roof at new Government complex  -Ministry of public works Harare province  -Ministry of local Government P and NH
 -Refurbishment of 4th and 5th floors offices-Kaguvi building  -Ministry of health and Child care  -Ministry of local Government P and NH
 -Supply,fabricate and erection of independence display units at National Sports stadium  -Ministry of Education Sports and Culture  -Ministry of local Government P and NH
  • Refurbishment of Block 10, Arundel Office Park(UNDP) United Nations Development Programme
  • Demolish of existing structures, clearing and ground levelling at Grindale Engineering, Mt. Hampden,  Harare.
  • Construction of a house at No. 1484 picnic Park,Harare
  • Construction of a residential house at No 34 Rolf valley, Harare
  • Construction of radiotherapy concrete structure at Mpilo hospital
  • Refurbishment of buroughs house
  • Tar resurfacing at High Court
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