About Us


Our vision is to successfully implement  the idea of construction costing, Property Development and refurbishments thereby improving  the efficiency of the building by  convintiently offering umbrella construction services  from cost, develop and mantainance services( refurbishment) to both induvidual and corporate, based on customer specifications, style and budget.


Our mission is to make sure that costing and property development standards are improved and become localised and internationalised to the satisfaction of the consumers and also to provide assurance to the clients on product delivery through best and reliable property developments options benefiting both parties.


Our company’s long term corporate objectives are to:

  • Build interests on corporate clients through best and reliable construction options leading to perennial relationships benefiting both parties
  • To provide quality products and technical assistance packed into customised services to both induvidual and corporate clients by selling solutions and results.
  • To build you a home of outstanding quality and superior value based on your specifications, style and budget.
  • Making the building of your custom home an enjoyable experience from laying the foundation through to landscaping and moving in.


  • Guaranteed products and technology transfer
  • Dynamic and interactive management team with complementary skills
  • Timeous and responsiveness to customer queries and demands
  • Success driven lasting friendship to business partners